MAKING Compelling Value Propositions by Knowing Your Customer(s)

The lovely meeting space – if you’re lucky with a view to the plastic bag in the tree by the River…

This seminar was part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneurs Program:

  • Caroline Egan from McDonald Butler Associates explained in ‘marketing language’ what compelling value propositions look, sound and feel like:
        1. know your customer – their pain points
        2. know your customer – their reflection points
        3. know your customer – your influence points that they may appreciate!..
  • @social_Ben Martin from IBM recommended HootSuite as a management tool for streamlining social media. We discussed the value of the various tools around. He emphasised that it’s all about building relationships and he organises his week ‘socially’: Mondays and Fridays are Twitter days!

What became clear to me, was partly due to the presenters and participants who made the day so fascinating. For IBM’s Smarter Cities program, we can build

  1. a Smart CLIMATE Portal with Mark Chadwick and his team from Carbon Clear as experts – before the wisdom of the crowd can contribute: visualising CO2 emissions as a ‘social comparison’ between companies is a first crude step – for a kick in the corporate backside to start thinking about reductions; 
  2. a Smart WATER Portal with Laurie Reynolds of Aquamatix to put his expertise of water consumption into new ‘3d metric’ perspectives;
  3. a Smart ENERGY Portal would become reality with Cliff Walton of PPAEnergy who was only in my mind, but that’s where it all begins, doesn’t it.

So what is the added value that my 3d metric visualisation of layering complex data can bring?

  1. at a glance: 
    • spotting priorities based on significance and relevance of data
  2. short-, medium- and long-term:
    • using trends and tendencies of the past to ensure improved data conditions for the future
  3. in depth:
    • studying new metrics to optimise and automate the feedback between data gathering, interpretation and acting upon the insights and understanding gained
  4. for automated control:
    • spotting crises, anomalies and extremes, while ‘rolling’ within adjustable tolerances.

Let’s face it: combining the efficiency of a German mind, the expertise of data specialists and the power of computing can only lead to even more efficiencies – this time in our brains and minds – for Wow, Aha and Eureka effects!

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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3 Responses to MAKING Compelling Value Propositions by Knowing Your Customer(s)

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  2. Steve Higgs says:

    Excellent Sabine, glad you found it so useful!

    • Glad you dropped by, Steve!

      Have also spotted the time for our conversation tomorrow and am impressed by Dave Dalton’s bio!

      Look very much forward to whatever way forward may emerge from that!

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