DATA SCIENCE – the Virtual Opportunity for the Internet of Things

13 06 14 DPallianceThanks to the magic of networking, serendipity or synchronicity, I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the Digital Policy Alliance aka EURIM.

When I suggest ‘Data Science as the virtual opportunity for the Internet of Things’, I’m proposing the following:

    1. The exploitation of my 3 innovative software methods for the public interest

** analysing and visualising numerical data, i.e. time series, multi-dimensional data and images


CO2 consumption by 208 countries

Forecasting any Time Series

Layering Complex Data

Re-visualising Digital Images in ‘Visual’ and ‘metric’ 3D

2. The creation of Smart Knowledge Portals with ‘domain experts’

** The independence of application and scale requires

i.      ‘expert users’ as ‘gate keepers’;

ii.      less skilled operators when automating ‘number comparisons’ in real time.

** The underlying ‘numeric acrobatics’ require

i.      pattern recognition with the familiarity of ‘domain expertise’;

ii.      verbal interpretation through taxonomies and dictionaries;

iii.      developing standards from the quantifications that the software offers.

3. To begin with a ‘Smart Energy Portal’ seems to me eminently important for UK plc  

** Prof Cliff Walton from PPAEnergy would love to supply the data but requires funding just as I need to pay developers;

** A visualisation SME and a data base SME are waiting to become part of the project team;

** The new Data Strategy Board Breakthrough Fund could have been an appropriate avenue – but it only applies to Local Authorities and Government Departments and Agencies and the deadlines for application have lapsed… The consistent lack of funding is truly appalling, given the claim to wanting to take world leadership positions…

** Picking up on the 9 recommendations by the Shakespeare Review of the Data Strategy Board:

  1. The Smart Energy Portal could become part of the ‘National Core Reference Data’ of Public Sector Information (PSI) – recommendation 2
  2. A ‘data intelligence and innovation group’ is recommendation 3 on page 13
  3. Recommendation 6: build skill-sets in ‘basic research’ and ‘practical immediate value’
  4. Recommendation 7: fully embed an analytics approach within policy making, i.e. ‘Data for MPs’ or ‘Smart MP Portal’
  5. Recommendation 9: a ‘mixed economy’ of public and commercial sectors.
  6. To integrate data silos is a new platform of opportunity for the Digital Economy

** building ‘smart knowledge portals’ is a unique contribution

** starting with ‘mixing’ public sector and commercial data seems to be just the right challenge for a wonderful group such as the one I experienced yesterday.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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