BIG DATA ANALYTICS 2013 – London – Russell Hotel – a Five Star Event!

13 06 21 Big Data AnalyticsI am really grateful for having been allowed in as ‘press’ because of my passion for blogging! At least some people notice that the gap between mainstream and online media is closing!

This conference was one of the best I’ve ever attended, let alone organised. The hotel was a historic venue, beautifully introduced by the best possible Master of Ceremonies: former BBC presenter David Davies OBE. He had delivered milk as a boy!

What a programme of Sterling presenters:

  • Bob Harris from Channel IV
  • Lauren Walker from IBM
  • Simon Gratton from CapGemini

to name but a few who impressed me. It became very clear that people are searching for

  • an ‘operating system of human information’ [which I claim to contribute to with my software methods]
  • context and understanding to act and automate.

Hence Fernando Lucini from HP Autonomy was fascinating with ‘Meaning Based Computing‘:

  • Is big data a goldmine or a minefield?
  • we are searching for outcomes
  • while talking about nothingness and somethingness….

What a great mix between business and IT!

Children of big data‘ included Social, Governance, Discovery, Cloud, and Security.

Qubit and QlikView were new tools or platforms for me.

The distinction between ‘computer information‘ and ‘human information‘ was clarified: human info is made up of ideas, is diverse and has context. It was suggested

  • to distinguish between strong and weak information!
  • that we see lots, know little and do less and less
  • and need to avoid silos of all kinds!

We also need to

  • remove unecessary restrictions
  • provide simple tools
  • and teach people how to use data!

New concepts relating to ‘big data’ for me were

  • ‘data democritisation’
  • big data ‘at rest’ and ‘in motion’
  • the 3V of volume, velocity, variety was extended to 4V including value, since 90% of all decisions ignore 90% of underlying data.

Operational Intelligence‘ is an emerging term and focussing on business means focussing on ‘data science‘! [It’s always great to get one’s ideas confirmed, isn’t it!?]

  • Context equals great decision accuracy and decision makers crave it
  • Machine data, web data and cloud data all need their contexts,
  • but we can only cope with small data, lots of it, as we need its relevance!

To take notes and photos, I am still trying to get the best out of my tablet as my latest ‘digital buddy’, while everybody in business is looking for ‘systems of engagement’. May the event have been as inspiring for them, as it has been for me. My heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to Whitehall Media!



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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