SAMSUNG @ TechUK or the Value of the Internet of People, Things and Money

The earliest Korean flag from 1889

Between Earth and Heaven, Korea balances Water and Fire in this flag of a Yin / Yang ‘logo’… My phone and tablet were made by Samsung, but that was ‘by chance’ when I was looking forward to the opportunity of meeting SAMSUNG representatives at TechUK, the new flash offices near Blackfriars very suitable for the meetings they organise. The best possible ‘Auftakt’ or upbeat was the presentation by Dr Peter Harrop as an overview with excellently informed guesses, anticipations and predictions about the future. That’s what made me think about the value of things in general and in particular the value of the internet of things, people and money… The overview about SAMSUNG by a company insider was impressive, but Wikipedia knows better, as it includes the meaning of the name: three (big, numerous and powerful) stars (eternity) and the story since 1938. The history and meaning of the current logo are equally meaningful: open mindedness and desire to communicate with the world (the open ellipse) combined with excellence of consumer service through technology (the English rendering of the lettering), stability, reliability and corporate social responsibility (the colour blue). I interpret it as ‘delivering the smart planet’ that IBM promises… My interest is, of course, Samsung Electronics. I love the Chairman’s remark

After returning from a temporary retirement period in March 2010, Kun-hee stated that “Samsung Electronics’ future is not guaranteed because most of our flagship products will be obsolete in 10 years from now.”[35]

According to Wikipedia, the company focuses on four areas: digital media, semiconductor, telecommunication network and LCD digital appliances. With emphasis on electronics, I could contribute to

With emphasis on health, I could contribute to

The right people in the computer programming lab in Warsaw would be intrigued by

I think I can forget about being an IBM Partner and going back to CERN where medical imaging and particle therapy are on the agenda for an application for EU funding: Europe is passe. Long live Korea and Asia! BUT: Wonmi Jang, the European Technology Sourcing manager at Samsung Electronics referred to Europe as being HISTORICALLY responsible for significant innovations. And I know that German thinkers and inventors are historically responsible for anything to do with measuring. Fortunately, my other Samsung contact Eunkyoung Palmer understands metrology and she connected me promptly with an expert on 2D / 3D issues! Everybody knows that Que sera, sera

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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