Benefits of ‘3D Metric’ Diagrams: Linking Data Silos for Improved Policy Making

16 04 09 Benefits Diagrams-page-001The gap between scientific and business language does not seem to narrow despite computer screens as the common medium:

  • big business data‘ seems to concentrate on ‘non-structured‘ data relating to patterns of consumption, as growth of profit, turnover and productivity are the ‘mantras’ in companies that are expected to sell or be bought up…
    • very big science data‘, however, consists in my view mainly of ‘structured‘ data, i.e. time series:
    • financial or originating from sensors: measurements from instruments;
    • but ‘big business data’ can ALSO be expressed in time series;
    • altogether:
      • better business strategy decisions can be taken
      • better policy can be made
      • and who knows what scientific improvements can be made!?…better

On the Benefits of ‘3dM Diagrams’

 21 layers 3 pollutants Excel  21 layers 3 pollutants 3dM

3dM Diagrams ‘unclutter’ Excel graphs:
e.g. data from the London Air Quality Network

 21 layers 3 pollutants 3dM  21 layers Sorted

3dM Diagrams create ‘visual priorities’ and new insights for ‘optimal slopes’.
This leads to ‘domain experts’ determining novel parameters for automated processing.

3dM Diagrams are generic, i.e. independent of domain and of time scales.
They can include forecasts derived from new algorithms.Thus they allow for:-·       linking ‘data silos’ and comparing different time frames – which leads to

Ø   contrasting short, medium and long term trend periods defined by ‘domain experts’;

·       ‘data experts’ discovering correlations – which leads to

Ø   defining ‘optimal slopes’ for automating ‘big data’ and real time processing;

·       enhancing processes that influence interdependencies – which leads to

Ø   improving policy by making better informed decisions from connected data silos.

3dM Diagrams illustrate for Domain and Data Experts
what Executive Summaries demonstrate for Policy Makers:
Key Findings as the Basis for Executive Decisions


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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