Believing in #DataScience or Understanding Humans – is that the Question? #CDSEurope @openDATA

16-09-13-chief-data-scientistChief Data Scientist Europe is a two-day event at Kensington Close Hotel that I am attending.

How do I LOVE being stimulated by talks about ‘data science’ and its implications for humanity’s thinking and evolution!

The first speaker came from a Recruitment Agency and addressed

  • predictions regarding human behaviour as employees;
  • to ‘entertain’ the audience, he asked who believes to be a better driver than others…

The second speaker was a mathematician who had become a marketeer and spoke about

  • how to ask the right question when marketing the Premier League
  • how football fans behave was the ‘right’ question to ask!

The third speaker is from a Turkish bank with 65 million customers who compares his company with Facebook in terms of money vs likes and shares – to talk about ETHICS in the Age of Big Data:

  • the unintentional evil scale of ‘social data’ ranges from
    • clueless
    • clumsey
    • overconfident
    • mischievous to
    • ambitious.
  • being overconfident in algorithms
    • may inherently bias minorities
  • Customer Trust should drive the balance between revenue generation and reliance on Big Data…

The conference is being chaired by Amy Shi-Nash who calls Data Scientists MYTH-BUSTERS!

After a couple of discussion groups and an excellent lunch, the next superb keynote:

  • Enda Ridge, author of Guerilla Analytics;
  • he distinguishes between what data science and what it is not: loaded with ‘uncertainty’, due to both, sources of data and the quality of tools with which to investigate data
  • ‘variety’ adds to the mix in terms of
    • data joining
    • visualisations
    • algorithms and
    • languages.

Looking very much forward to Day Two tomorrow – having explained my ‘unique selling points’ to marvellous people along the full spectrum across data, tools and their interpretations and applications today:

For more about the ‘business of Data Science’, visit the website of Corinium – Connected Thinking!

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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