From #Ethics by Design @ Chicago Booth Business School to #Brexit for IT @BCS @ICAEW








I registered for this event for I was hoping to find allies for making my Ethical Investment Network happen. And I did! The event was exceptionally well organised in terms of balancing Round Table discussions with free flow networking.

Ethical Systems are about Business Integrity through Research.

Jonathan Haidt was the keynote speaker

  1. Individuals – need to be nudged to increase honesty;
  2. Groups – can adhere to norms;
  3. National and international ecosystems – exist under national cultures and investors.

The Business Case for ETHICS:

  1. a good reputation is valuable;
  2. illegal conduct can be extremely costly;
  3. reputational penalties arise as related parties revise their terms of trade,

Ethical companies are more efficient:

  1. One For All – All For One: OFA – AFO;
  2. people trust each other;
  3. ethical companies pay for investors.


  1. What are the common or salient ethical problems?
  2. Where are the mis-alignments or contradictions between the three levels – individual, organisational and societal / business ecosystem?
  3. What are the interventions at all three levels to achieve an ethical culture and ethical system by design?
  • pale, male and stale
  • competitive culture was hiding mistakes

“Conscious Capitalism” – might that repair what’s so dishonest with our money system?

  • Let’s move away from ‘blame culture’!
  • Let’s develop these CORE VALUES:
    • trust
    • innovation
    • people
    • quality
    • responsibility
    • teamwork

Why Measure Culture?

  • Why Ethical Systems?
  • Our Measurement Modules
  • Moral distress vs ethical efficacy

Ethical: INSIDE

Corporate Social Responsibility: OUTSIDE

Panel: Emerging challenges, future trends and cultural shifts

  • John Featherby, Blueprint for Better Business
    • are ‘clever metrics’ the answer?
    • to change culture, we need to change the conversation!
    • from ‘patriarchy’ to ‘partnership’ where we can co-create!
  • Kevin Hills, EY
  • Alexandra Meagher, Cabinet Office
    • lawyer
    • mission-led business
      • millennial-driven
      • we know solutions – cutting food waste
      • Unilever – sustainable living
    • social impact and financial return
      • how do I measure?
      • how do I create Key Performance Indicators [KPIs]?
    • Social Investment Market
      • more social enterprises, charities
      • more investors
      • enabling environment
        • we’ve built the framework, changed regulation, leading by example, Social Value Act
        • we’ve set the tone
        • Big Society Capital – cornerstone bonds
      • Cabinet Office Megaphone
  • Livio Hughes, PostShift
    • social technology brings leaner organisational structures
    • conscious and systemic resistance to change
    • Digital Culture
    • become more ethical by design
    • issues of leadership
    • baked into systems and processes

BE A FUTURE-SHAPER – Influence the Systems you’re part of


Gemma Adams – Forum for the Future – Collaborative Problem Solver.

I then stopped taking notes and enjoyed an evening at the British Computer Society:

What a paradise London is!

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