@InfoBldrsNTL @WaldorfAstoria #IBSummit towards Insights, Intelligence and Monitoring Metrics!

CONNECT the DOTS: between DATA and ANALYTICS – that was the theme of this year’s summit – the first for me, discovered thanks to the Corinium conference for Chief Data Analysts Europe

Peter Walker – VP and responsible for EMEA countries for Information Builders was the Master of Ceremonies.

Gerald Cohen – the President and Founder of Information Builders offered his wishes by video.

Mark Smith from Ventana Research talked about Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing and catapulted me straight into conceptual heaven. He talked about

  • Visual discovery and natural language evolve as search and presentation methods
  • support users in their functional roles with relevant and accessible analytics
  • embrace cloud computing to shorten analytic time-to-insight-and-value.


  • Embrace social collaboration
  • Data science continues to rise in importance with big data
  • machine learning optimises actions, decisions and processes.

Internet of Things

  • more devices generate big data
  • streaming technologies enable continuous analytics.

Big Data and Information Management Market Trends

  • data integration – data governance – data preparation
  • data science – information management – internet of things.

Data integration

  • distributed sources driven by cloud, ioT and unstructured data
  • data lakes and data virtualisation provide access to diverse data sources.

Data Governance

  • new data types and sources have been adopted without requisite data governance in place.

Data Science

  • analytics and data science continue to rise in importance with big data.

Information Management

  • IoT and data science drive demands for larger volumes of structured and unstructured data
  • Business Intelligence and Internet of Things becoming Priority in Organisations
  • How do we drive optimisation?

Visual Discovery has Reached the Peak of Potential Value

  • Avoid Business Chaos
  • Business is not trained to interpret charts for taking action
  • Time is wasted drilling around charts looking for something important
  • Metrics not presented in a way to act and collaborate on them to improve.

Big Data Analytics Priorities Shifting in Organisations

  • Use of big data can help support more sophisticated analytics
  • Using big data can also help in the process of real or right time sales analytics
  • Using big data can help advance the discovery processes for visual and data requirements.

Why do we use certain tools?

  • We need to blend individual tools into an enterprise system.
  • Beyond data related tasks are the presentation and use of metrics that needs to be simple and efficient.

Think about the ARCHITECTURE that brings tools and data together – which is what I’ve done with my prezi that I had in my folder to talk to Information Builders

  • Building New Potential requires Technology Flexibility

The Personas for Analytics & BI

  1. Information Consumers
  2. Knowledge Workers
  3. Designers
  4. Analysts
  5. Data Geeks
  6. IT and Business Intelligence Experts

Analytics Require Range of Discovery Approaches

The Spectrum of Methods to combine:

  • Data
  • Information
  • Event
  • Visual

in a hopefully Blended Environment!

How Ventana assess Software:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Manageability
  • Reliability
  • Adaptability
  • Validation

In the Value Index Analytics and Business Intelligence 2015

  • Information Builders rank FIRST

Our Analysis of Information Builders: EXCELLENCE

  1. Unified approach to analytics and business intelligence;
  2. Avoid the discovery tool dilemma that has complicated self-service and has created more confusion;
  3. get data visualisation that helps guide actions and make decisions;
  4. PRESENT METRICS in a helpful way.

I introduced myself to Mark as the ‘pale female’ of his slide on the “Art and Science of Analytics in a Digital Age“.

Michael Corcoran – Chief Marketing Officer at Information Builders – gave also a very clear overview:

  • Analytics should be about ‘know your customer’
  • interactive digital relationship
  • Intelligence
    • Predictive Analytics – Data Discovery – In-Document Analytics
    • Sentiment and Word Analytics – Search – Performance Management – Natural Language / Narrative BI – Wite-Back High-Performance Data Store
    • Dashboards – Location Analytics – Casting and Archiving
  • Integrity
    • Data Quality – Data Governance – Master Data Management
  • Integration
    • Batch ETL – Real-Time ESB – Hadoop-Based

Kevin Quinn – VP at Information Builders and Designer of WebFOCUS:

  • indexed content, data and metadata


  • descriptive
  • diagnostic
  • predictive
  • prescriptive.

Innovations in Data Management

  • Omni-Gen
    • Master Data Edition
  • iWay Big Data Integrator
    • integrates, transforms and cleanses
  • Omni-Health Data Insights
    • healthcare industry’s most complete solution

DATA ASSETS and ANALYTICS in vertical industries

WebFOCUS is a Cloud Program to cater for:

  • Pure
  • Hybrid
  • Federated Hybrid Cloud

Embedded BI

  • Big Data is Maturing beyond Hype!

These were somewhat the essentials that made this day the happiest in my life! A follow-up meeting has been scheduled where I shall present how we can Monitor Metrics together!!!

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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