@DigiLeaders #CityHall Working better together to deliver #PublicSector #DigitalTransformation across #London

I had no idea who the speakers would be at this Grand Salon. But, once again, Digital Leaders put an excellent event together, with respect to:

  1. choice of venue: City Hall – slightly too strongly air conditioned on this hot day;
  2. choice of Chair: Charlotte Holloway whom I had met at techUK meetings and who’s now joined Public.io;
  3. choice of speakers:
    • Andrew Collinge – setting up the London Office for Technology and Innovation [LOTI];
    • Natalie Taylor – evangelising ‘digital’ at the Greater London Authority;
    • Theo Blackwell – the real connoisseur and analyst of the field – who happens to be my local Councillor in Camden and authored The Start of the Possible, after having interviewed 800 Councillors with a view to making ‘digital’ happen across councils.

ANDREW COLLINGE outlined the areas that he wants to address in his scoping exercise:

  • meaningful analytics was the buzzword for me, for that’s what our software can provide: more visual meaning and numerical context!
  • “we operate in silos” is what I heard from DEFRA before!

He wants to develop LOTI:

  • with strategic intent
  • and digital maturity
  • in a spirit of openness & curiosity, aware of
  • a culture that needs to include disruptive business models – which may be too scary for many civil servants…
  • and produce CASH VALUE in terms of savings.

NATALIE TAYLOR – the very experienced ‘digital evangelist’ in City Hall – asked who knows about

She has set up Peer Groups across 15 Councils so far:

  • with regular t-camp meetings
  • advertising the Digital Marketplace
  • making Digital Assessments.

Her observation is that the Leaders of Councils and the Directors of Finance / CEOs are the stumbling blocks. Isn’t it strange how the Public sector reflects exactly the same picture as what I heard from Data Analysts in the Private sector?

THEO BLACKWELL described the current landscape and asked:

  • How do we get this political leadership???
  • The Mayor wants London to become the smartest city of the world!
  • But London is a combination of cities and he compared boroughs with cities.

To overcome the co-ordination deficit, he noticed that change has to happen

  1. organisationally
  2. technologically and
  3. politically.

People who are innovative don’t have the POWER to promote greater shared vision. Central is the DIGITAL ECONOMY:

  1. in Camden [where Camden LETS is the perfect outreach and community re-building tool];
  2. Digital Strategies
  3. Devolution Deals
  4. Transform services…

He wants to help coalitions between the WILLING and the ABLE to scale up and express needs in a way that the market can understand.

I picked him up on the “testbed for govtech” which is exactly what I’d like to see happening!

From the Art of the Possible to the Smartest of All Cities is the dream! I wonder how our Smart Knowledge Engine will be part of it!?…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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