Why 3D Metrics?

The company was set up to market the algorithms that define 3 innovative software methods:

1. Forecasting Time Series

  • Short-, medium- and long-term trends can be identified.

This sample of yellow input dots and blue ‘projected’ dots convinced one developer of a hedge fund such that he devoted a fair amount of time developing ‘tweak parameters’. But eventually, he got married and had a boy. Since then, I tested forecasts from financial data which were always well above average. I also wrote the spec for an automated trading system, as I’d like to build an Ethical Investment Network.

2. Layering Complex Data

    • Vertical layers along a ‘visual z-axis’ allow for instant insights of priorities and interdependencies. Below mathematical data is both layered and projected.


Below, CO2 data of 208 countries – with more perspective than Excel – and potentially more functionality.

CO2 208 2813 06 09 CO2 in Excel

This video illustrates the advantage for Time is Money – Money is Time Series:

3. Re-Visualising Digital Images

  • This means more depth and detail for the expert eye, while the less skilled user will benefit from the software’s ability to crunch numbers that enable automated selection of the ‘odd ones out’ – according to criteria that expert users have determined.

Sprayed surface


This unique re-visualisation is, scientifically, the proof of concept for new mathematical spaces and transformations that result in ‘generic numerical data‘ as the basis for innovative algorithms. This ‘3D’ is of a visual nature for the human eye, while the number crunching strength of computing gives it its metric quality.

Commercially, it opens the door to applications such as

      • automated image processing for quality control in the pharmaceutical as well as the automotive industry
      • pre-screening processing in the medical and health sector, e.g. cytology as the study of cells for sickness or health
      • on-line research into all of Google images – besides anything in the Cloud!…

Here’s another little video:

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