Virtual Quantum Leaps

As a new tool of investigation, our software lenses have catapulted two inventions into the virtual realm:

  • imaging technologiesImaging Technologies
    • images produced by any technology across the smallest and the largest scales, e.g. microscope, camera and telescope, can be processed
    • instead of turning wheels mechanically to change lighting, views and perspectives, software parameters allow the user to examine images in detail
  • measuring instruments

    • in addition to choosing different devices for different measurements, e.g. clocks for time and others for mechanics, electricity and thermodynamics, 3d metric image analysis allows for measuring qualities
    • Wikipedia lists them under more on continuum mechanics, e.g. density, granularity, viscosity, surface tension and optical activity
    • the embedded algorithms offer new measures of quality to the expert user in a new kind of ‘smart image portal’.

See Sustainability: What you cannot measure, you cannot manage.

As cited in The Intimate History of Humanity, our software lenses don’t just add to the curiosity of research, but increase intelligence:

“Humboldt had a horror of the single fact,
believing that in order to explore any one thing,
one needs to approach it from all sides…

Every discovery opens up the imagination further, stimulating more discovery:
it enlarges the sphere of ideas,
excites a taste for investigation,

while the creation of new instruments of observation increases the intelligence.

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