IBM present their Smarter Planet as being instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.

Instruments such as sensors produce time series that can be fed into

  • the Forecasting method – to monitor progress in the built or natural environment – such as air, water and soil pollution – with the added value of making short-, medium- and long-term trend predictions.

Any number of such time series can be viewed together, thanks to 

  • Layering Complex Data – as vertical layers along a ‘visual z’ axis reveal correlations and interdependencies that help making better informed decisions.

Business Intelligence would greatly benefit from this method, as progress over key performance indicators (KPIs) needs to be monitored. These KPIs can be too numerous to handle and will be a joy to look at through ‘3d metric software lenses’. Management gurus keep quoting

  • what you can’t measure, you can’t manage – as a basis for handling all the considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure sustainability.

Personal health care, medical research, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals production are the obvious applications for

  • Re-Visualizing Images as the basis for automated and semi-automated processing, pre-screening, intelligent search and comparison of images and image series.

The three software methods are as interconnected as we all are thanks to the net and the web.

And ‘software lenses’ increase intelligence by helping to build ‘smart knowledge‘!

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