SOFTWARE LENSES as new Instruments of Investigation

Alexander von Humboldt

My 3 software methods are software lenses: instead of making mechanical changes, my parameters vary perspective, views, depth and detail.

Hence they provide a new instrument of investigation, in the spirit of Alexander von Humboldt, the German philosopher and scientist:

“Humboldt had a horror of the single fact, believing that in order to explore any one thing, one needs to approach it from all sides…

Every discovery opens up the imagination further, stimulating more discovery: it enlarges the sphere of ideas, excites a taste for investigation, while the creation of new instruments of observation increases the intelligence.”

Theodore Zeldin, An Intimate History of Humanity, London 1994

My goal has always been to see a maximum of users – in lifelong learning centres – where money is not artificially scarce as capitalism prescribes, but where barter money is used to account for what people do for each other.

Since I discovered the Open Data Institute, I feel like creating Open Investigations! I wonder whether it can / will come about!

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