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#cdsEurope Day Two ends in ‘Big Data for Social Good’: Data Officers, Analysts and Scientists = MYTH BUSTERS!

First speaker Armando Vieira from Bupa Global, a health insurance company, about Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Second speaker Dan Kellett from Capital One – promising ‘certainty’ in the credit card market – by combining the understanding of statistics with … Continue reading

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Believing in #DataScience or Understanding Humans – is that the Question? #CDSEurope @openDATA

Chief Data Scientist Europe is a two-day event at Kensington Close Hotel that I am attending. How do I LOVE being stimulated by talks about ‘data science’ and its implications for humanity’s thinking and evolution! The first speaker came from … Continue reading

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Doodling with @jaCattell to develop #SmartKnowledgeWikis for structured #openData for #openDefra in #openCulture style

James Arthur Cattell calls himself a ‘government hacker’. Typical for his age group, he did not only grow up with computers, but also learned to write code before he would have learned about Shakespeare. He is an ‘evangelist’ of #openDATA … Continue reading

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@techUK What’s the ‘big idea’ behind #BigData?

“Bigger is better” has long been an ‘unconscious [gender] bias’. But I complemented Small is Beautiful with Micro is Powerful and Nano is Wonderful, ever since I saw what my re-visualisation of images could reveal. Thanks to joining techUK, I could re-visit … Continue reading

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