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‘Digital Colour Brightness’ – a new Visual Common Denominator to Measure Contents of Images @Nanowerk @Nanotechnology @Nanomagazine

‘Digital Colour Brightness’ in ‘True Colour 3D‘ is the output of our ‘Smart Knowledge Engine’, here demonstrated on a small reference image of a colour spectrum: ‘Digital Colour Brightness’ is the ‘fundamental measuring unit’ that we visualise with our ‘Smart … Continue reading

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Say it on Video: a Game Changer for Forecasting, Diagrams and Image Analysis by Unifying #DataAnalytics

Three generic software methods are the outcome of my ‘software-aided thinking’: ‘3dM Forecasts‘ – with short-, medium- and long-term trends – which I expressed in this video on Time is Money – Money is Time Series; the prezi underlying the … Continue reading

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NUCLEAR Data Measurement and Evaluation – a Showcase Event @ the Institute of Physics

What a day to mark my birthday: remembering  my CERN past all the time as speakers presented their work. Everybody on Facebook sent me their birthday wishes. Mine would be definitely be to see my software lenses in operation! Nuclear data … Continue reading

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