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ZOOMING into Numerical MetaData as the Key to New Visual and Metric Explorations

Prezis are the next generation ‘power point’, i.e. a way to zoom in visually rather than make points linearly with visual effects. Whether on video or with PowerPoint, with Word or with – numerical metadata remains the key to … Continue reading

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DIGITAL PENINSULA Greenwich: Gateway to the Internet of Everything

  Deconstructing the Internet of Things was the title for a 2-part event:   in the ever so intriguing Ravensbourne College near North Greenwich tube on the most impressive 11th floor of 6 Mitre Passage @ Digital Enterprise Greenwich, which … Continue reading

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OPEN LONDON: the invitation for Open Investigation?

Open London is an open call to co-develop a 21st century Open Institution, starting with Open Institute London: to share data, tools, spaces, skills and resources to discuss ownership and governance and to explore principles of ‘Open’. So far, an … Continue reading

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Google has the answer, as always! This time it’s its Trend feature. It tells us how, measured by the number of search terms used, interest in data visualisation has grown in the UK only relatively recently: Worldwide Just the UK

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DATA SCIENCE: another Meetup of intelligent and investigative minds

Meetup is a great platform for organising and attending meetings. I joined quite a lot of them and thoroughly enjoy most meetings. One of the best presentations I attended was the one by Teradata at this Data Science London event: … Continue reading

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Integrating Man’s Thinking and Machines’ Processing

This week I had the pleasure of attending Stephen Emmott’s presentation at NESTA about the Nature and Necessity of a Scientific Revolution. As a neuroscientist, Stephen is responsible for Microsoft’s Research Lab and certainly asks the right questions that humanity … Continue reading

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