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Benefits of ‘3D Metric’ Diagrams: Linking Data Silos for Improved Policy Making

The gap between scientific and business language does not seem to narrow despite computer screens as the common medium: ‘big business data‘ seems to concentrate on ‘non-structured‘ data relating to patterns of consumption, as growth of profit, turnover and productivity are … Continue reading

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LEAN, CLEAN, SIMPLE, SOCIAL SYSTEMS: the Guide to Frugal Innovations

Charles Leadbeater @ was an interesting inspiration at NESTA where he was in conversation with Geoff Mulgan, NESTA’s director. As his latest book The Frugal Innovator has recently appeared, his 58 slides commented on the essence of innovation as he … Continue reading

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MAPPING ‘nd spacetime data’ onto screens in ‘visual 3D’ – my contribution to ‘data infrastructure’

Yesterday I enjoyed the Information Infrastructure Conference of SNIA, the Storage Networking Industry Association. For I LOVE talking to people who UNDERSTAND what I’m talking about and SEE the value of my screenshots. The keynote was given most impressively by … Continue reading

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On Becoming an IBM Partner: Little Sister meets Big Brother

The cab driver to IBM Innovation in Hursley reminded me that ‘HAL‘ turns into ‘IBM’, when you keep shifting one letter for all three. I trust you remember Hal from 2001 – A Space Odyssey? I had studied on IBM … Continue reading

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This is an attempt to describe my software inventions such that they become commercially successful, even though they stem from deep mathematical insights and high levels of abstraction. In summary, I am offering 3 innovative software methods: Forecasting Time Series – … Continue reading

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