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When Laser Pulses meet the Physics of Superconductivity and #TrueColour3D of image re-visualisations @NaturePhysics @CERN

The article Laser Pulses reveal the superconductors of the future in Nature Physics carries an attractive cover image. Re-visualised in True Colour 3D, it looks like this: or, as our re-visualisation is a ‘movable object’ of ‘Digital Colour Brightness‘ – … Continue reading

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3D Graphene: are Atoms for Physics what Pixels are for 3D Metrics? @Nanowerk @Nanotechnology @Nanomagazine

What do you spy with your little eyes when you see this image of 3D Graphene? It was produced by Rice University and published by Dr Martin Kemp on his Xcience blog. Black and white in 2D and as a … Continue reading

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Effective Software Development Management – a Lesson in Getting to the Gist and Essence of Thinking

In future, I shall report more often on the events I attend. After all, we’re starting a New Year… They are always highly informational with access to potential clients, investors and developers. Thus I can feel the pulse of our … Continue reading

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