Measuring the Immeasurable

A Matter of Scale‘Visual 3D’ is for the human eye what ‘Metric 3D’ is for the software: new virtual spaces that add value for insights and understanding.

‘Visual 3D’ allows people to see more depth and more detail for overall patterns.

‘Metric 3D’ allows software to produce new quantifications for qualities and processes over time – at the scale provided by the imaging technology.

By way of example, thousands of x-rays could be examined to find those that have hairline fractures.

In the more complex environment of a major international collaboration for EU funding, co-ordinated by my former employer CERN, different imaging technologies pick up different aspects in clinical environments.

In ‘smart web portals’, these aspects will be compared by experts to contribute to the diagnosis and therapy of rare diseases. Their expertise will be ’embedded’, so that, eventually, automation and optimisation can be achieved by far less skilled operators.

‘Smart Knowledge’ will result from combining the best of both worlds:

  • people are good at recognising patterns,
  • while computers are good at number crunching.

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