Seeing the Invisible

Sprayed surfaceThis image represents a sprayed surface and was supplied by NPL, the National Physical Laboratory, to test my prototype software.

Below are two of the re-visualizations that are possible thanks to a variety of parameters.

So what is the Invisible that becomes visible with newly gained depth and detail?

That depends on the contents of the image. Its numerical values are composed by the imaging technology which translates light and colour into numbers.

These are re-visualized in ‘Visual 3D‘ – along a ‘visual z’ axis.

Image experts who are familiar with the type of image they keep looking at will provide the verbal descriptions, so that less skilled users can operate the software.

Images can be

  • Sorted according to selection criteria
    • To analyse series and find the ‘odd ones out’
  • Compared over different time intervals
    • To identify trends and quantify progress
  • Compared with ‘reference images’
    • To control quality and measure deviations.

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