Time for Change: A New Vision for the British Economy #EconomicJustice @IPPR

This event was organised at Church House in Westminster to launch the Interim Report of the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice.

The conference room is decorated by a plaque to commemorate the war years when Churchill appealed to the “proudest assertion of British freedom and the expression of an unquestionable national will.” – Is that alive in today’s globalised world?

Tom Kibasi, the IPPR Director, gave the introduction.

  • he assumes that the economy is politically led [if politics = power, then yes];
  • economic justice‘ is the idea for the vision of the Commission;
  • fresh thinking is required along these principles:
  1. stronger institutional foundations;
  2. more competitive, innovative;
  3. wiring the economy for justice.

Michael  Jacobs presented the findings of the report,

Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens on the panel, made 2 recommendations:

  1. smart government interventions;
  2. cross party approach with technological approach.

Sally Tallant gave her views as the Director of the Liverpool Biennial Festival of Contemporary Art: Continue reading

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Towards a Digital Renaissance? Art + Science = Technology? Warhol’s Marilyn in ‘True Colour 3D’

Mona Lisa re-visualised as a movable object in ‘True Colour 3D’ opens her eyes when tilted

Your images are stunningly good” wrote Dr Martin Kemp – Chair of the Institute of Materials.

Very promising technology” came from an associate of the National Institute for Health Research.

Maybe science needs art to allow for conceptual quantum leaps rather than incremental step changes for innovation?

Or do men need reminding of Faust’s: The eternal Feminine draws us upward so that STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths] can embrace the Arts and become STEAM? This Guardian article says: Innovation is born when Art meets Science or as Matt Ridley suggests in this TED talk, when ideas have sex.

Here are links to the paintings re-visualised by our Smart Knowledge Engine – a work in progress – in our unique True Colour 3D – with a few samples from Tate Britain: Continue reading

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@DigiLeaders #CityHall Working better together to deliver #PublicSector #DigitalTransformation across #London

I had no idea who the speakers would be at this Grand Salon. But, once again, Digital Leaders put an excellent event together, with respect to:

  1. choice of venue: City Hall – slightly too strongly air conditioned on this hot day;
  2. choice of Chair: Charlotte Holloway whom I had met at techUK meetings and who’s now joined Public.io;
  3. choice of speakers:
    • Andrew Collinge – setting up the London Office for Technology and Innovation [LOTI];
    • Natalie Taylor – evangelising ‘digital’ at the Greater London Authority;
    • Theo Blackwell – the real connoisseur and analyst of the field – who happens to be my local Councillor in Camden and authored The Start of the Possible, after having interviewed 800 Councillors with a view to making ‘digital’ happen across councils.

ANDREW COLLINGE outlined the areas that he wants to address in his scoping exercise: Continue reading

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DIGITAL TOWN HALL: Co-Creating #SmartLondon – @SmartCitizenKit in @Digi_Town and #SmartCity

Digital Town Hall: Co-Creating a Smart London took place on Tuesday, 13 June 2017, in the historic Town Hall of Bethnal Green that has become a hotel and event venue.

The meeting was organised by Robert Monster, CEO of Digital Town who calls himself an ‘enlightened capitalist’ and introduced IoP as the Internet of … PEOPLE!

To my delight, I also saw a slide on Public Private PEOPLE Partnerships!

The list of speakers was most impressive, starting with the keynote given by

  • SIMON ANHOLT– an independent policy advisor to 52 governments! Here he is at TED. He spoke simply beautifully:

We are one species and we meet each other. It’s about re-connecting the people who were split.

A Smart Cities Network is Globalisation 2.0 – beyond corporations and politics, based on fairness, enlightened self-interest and life on earth not as a sprint, but a team sport.

In the age of advanced globalisation, everybody in position of authority has a dual mandate: 1. their own people and 2. everybody else on the planet.

I perceive a new standard of governance. All good things come from stirring things up, bringing the conventional and the sharing economy together.

We need minds with telescopes rather than minds with microscopes!

Continue reading

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Seeing the Invisible or Making it Visible? Nuclear Particle Events @CERN re-visualised in #TrueColour3D

Seeing the invisible: Event displays in particle physics is an article published by CERN in June 2015. It shows the history of capturing for the human eye what theoretical physicists postulate and experimental physicists demonstrate.

Re-Visualised on http://www.smart-knowledge-portals.uk/projects/359

Re-Visualised on http://www.smart-knowledge-portals.uk/projects/360

I remember Georges Charpak as one of our many clients in the Programming Enquiry Office, but never knew that he had been in Dachau, as Wikipedia tells me. Now I read that he was the one who introduced ‘digital’ to the event capturing techniques used at CERN.

Continue reading

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Nanosurfaces 2017 @IoM3 – an elite of ‘specialised generalists’ @nanotechnology @nanomagazine @nanowerk

Nanosurfaces 2017 – the first of hopefully an annual event – created by Dr Martin Kemp, founder of xcience.co.uk and Chair of the Institute of Materials where the event was held.

The very convincing and compelling keynote was given by Stephen Coulson as his success story with pi2.com – Perform, Protect, Improve – to develop water repellant coating for electronics and hearing aids.

The complete programme of speakers is published here. I showed these five slides in five minutes in the afternoon, demonstrating Mona Lisa opening her eyes for this elite audience as an apparently unforgettable event. I now need to look for ‘end users’, I’m told.

I noted here particularly those who I thought would benefit from using our method to re-visualise images in True Colour 3D – the tool with which ‘domain experts’:- Continue reading

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@InfoBldrsNTL @WaldorfAstoria #IBSummit towards Insights, Intelligence and Monitoring Metrics!

CONNECT the DOTS: between DATA and ANALYTICS – that was the theme of this year’s summit – the first for me, discovered thanks to the Corinium conference for Chief Data Analysts Europe

Peter Walker – VP and responsible for EMEA countries for Information Builders was the Master of Ceremonies.

Gerald Cohen – the President and Founder of Information Builders offered his wishes by video. Continue reading

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