Enhancing #NanoSurfaces Digitally: discovering Depth, Detail and Structure at nanoscales @NanoMagazine @Nanowerk @Nanotechnology @DigiLeaders

17-02-15-nanosurfaces 17-02-15-nanosurfaces-580






This input image was copied from NanoSurface Biomedical to produce the ‘3D object’ on the right. The 2D input illustrates how NanoSurface dishes promote the in vivo-like maturation and alignment of cell types.

What I am demonstrating is the ‘visual value’ that we add to their biological benefits. The metric value will follow!

One image at a time – showing the original in the top left and more depth, detail and structure on the right:





















And now the last image as ‘movable object’ on video:

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3D Graphene: are Atoms for Physics what Pixels are for 3D Metrics? @Nanowerk @Nanotechnology @Nanomagazine

What do you spy with your little eyes when you see this image of 3D Graphene? It was produced by Rice University and published by Dr Martin Kemp on his Xcience blog.

Black and white in 2D and as a movable object where a ‘high black’ has become ‘deep low’?

What applications can you see in the nano world of atomic scales?

Please leave your comment or email sabine at domain name 3d-metrics.com

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#Nanoparticles in #BrownianMotion as Movable Objects in Digital Light and Colour @NanoMagazine

The above stills [in the top left corner of each screenshot] were taken from the video that Malvern publish on their site where they advertise instruments to characterise nanoparticles.

Here is a video where I just use one still to illustrate how it can be moved as an object for further examination. My Chief Technology Officer tells me that we could create a ‘3d metric’ version of that video, given enough computing power!

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#digidropin #DigitalCatapult First visualisations of images as objects in ‘visual and metric 3D’

3 x-ray images in ‘virtual and metric 3D’ – for the occasion of this Digital Business Drop-In on 9 February.

The Drop-In comprised

  1. a presentation about the Digital Catapult by Kathryn Geels – one of 11 catapults – with 50 staff in this splendid venue opposite Kings Cross
    • Open Calls on CyberSecurity with deadline of 24 February
    • Pit Stops for SMEs to work with sponsors
  2. Jean-Francois Fava Verde about innovateUK
    • mentioning that innovation is based on inspiration
    • announcing a competition in Emerging and Enabling Technologies which may be ‘right’ at long last…
  3. Jon Kingsbury about KTN – the Knowledge Transfer Networks of the UK
    • Digital refer – the ‘networking intelligence’ of 250 organisations behind the KTNs
    • Personal Data and Trust
    • Design Foundations grant funding
    • Horizon 2020: research and innovation initiatives in Europe.
  4. Kriss Baird from the Charitable Trust UFI
  5. Ifty Nasir CEO of Vestd
    • a new way of holding shares to deepen commitment to the company
    • talking about ‘equity incentives’ with these examples as the EQUITY ECONOMY:
      • Crafted Crate
      • Go Jauntly
  6. Three of us ‘start-ups’
    • Security Lancaster – looking to build research and development
    • reroo.co.uk to improve access to train tickets
    • myself
    • Martin Kemp of Xcience on Smart City technology integration.
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@DigiLeaders @ Royal Horseguards: Hope and Support for #SMEs? #DigitalBidding to Access Money?

The 4th Digital Leaders Conference: Supporting Digital Adoption and Growth in SMEs was distinctly one of the best events I’ve ever attended – and I go to quite a few!

Best in terms of venue [with this20161201_1648001 most impressive staircase], speakers, format, inclusiveness of audience. The agenda is here.

I only note bullet points, as records of all their events are on the Digital Leaders website.

RUSSELL HAWORTH  of Nominet was the first speaker:

  • Making the most of being online
  • 10.5 million domain names .co.uk
  • 60% of employment in SMEs: 15 million
  • 10 million adults lack basic digital skills

1. Making the case for going online

  • can you build a website quicker than you can build a wall?

2. how to increase digital skills

  • how to navigate, how to link social media
  • SEO
  • payment issues

3. dealing with unintended consequences

  • IP
  • reputation – counterfeit
  • security – criminal activity
  • counter measures

I had heard KATIE O’DONOVAN from Google talking about Digital Garages before. Continue reading

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From #Ethics by Design @ Chicago Booth Business School to #Brexit for IT @BCS @ICAEW








I registered for this event for I was hoping to find allies for making my Ethical Investment Network happen. And I did! The event was exceptionally well organised in terms of balancing Round Table discussions with free flow networking.

Ethical Systems are about Business Integrity through Research.

Jonathan Haidt was the keynote speaker

  1. Individuals – need to be nudged to increase honesty;
  2. Groups – can adhere to norms;
  3. National and international ecosystems – exist under national cultures and investors.

The Business Case for ETHICS:

  1. a good reputation is valuable;
  2. illegal conduct can be extremely costly;
  3. reputational penalties arise as related parties revise their terms of trade,

Ethical companies are more efficient: Continue reading

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#Internet Governance vs #Governments #Brexit #politics #privacy #security #UKIGF16 #standards @UKIGF @Nominet @IGF

Who rules the internet and how? These were the topics of this day with this agenda.

  • Governance vs Government seems to be the issue!
  • That means Public Interest and Public Policy vs Vested Interests…!

The first person I spoke with introduced me to the Individual Users Association and I mentioned my recent experiences:

  • suffering from what used to be a ‘sexy’ domain name but has become unnecessarily expensive;
  • not suffering from HOSTING or CLOUD companies when they go bust;
  • for we’re ‘governed’ by what’s dishonest with our money system – not the myth of governments… But who understands that? And who wants to know?
  1. The introduction was given by Baroness Fritchie, Chair, Nominet. She started by pointing out one of the cultural UK-US differences: how people begin to occupy chairs in an empty room…
  2. The US version of Internet Governance was explained by Lawrence Strickling who stressed democratic and ‘multi-stakeholder’ governance which requires CONSENSUS based on SHARED DECISIONS.
    • Here’s the NetMundial Stakeholder Statement.
    • It appears that e-democracy is more likely to happen than the fake political democracy we’re experiencing, for economic democracy is what we’re truly lacking. However, mind the gap between the quality not just the geography of stakeholders:
      • individuals and organisations
      • NGOs and SMEs
      • local, regional, national and multi-national corporations
      • governments of large and small economies…
    • Prosperity, innovation and free expression are the noble ideals with which Lawrence Strickling ended his talk!
  3. Ed Vaizey MP, Former Minister for Culture,Communications and Creative Industries was next.

Continue reading

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