Development Stage

A prototype on my laptop has served as ‘proof of concept’ to produce various screenshots.

As a next step, new portals ought to be developed:

  • For generaltry before you buy‘ promotion so that any user can try their own images, while the system learns from this input
  • For client specific purposes to investigate particular images for their particular purpose.

Both clients and investors want to minimise their outlays and optimise their returns.

IBM told me that SMEs are where their growth lies, as I participate in their SmartCamp initiative of Global Entrepreneurs.

Similarly, I have sent my application to DigitalLabs of ALLIANZ.

My most promising avenue is, presumably, a major international collaboration, co-ordinated by my former employer CERN in Geneva, to monitor the diagnosis and therapy of rare diseases. The collaboration involves seven different imaging technologies so that I can have a field day at long last!

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