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#DataAnalytics – where #science and #commerce meet: Big Business #DataProfiles as ‘3dM Diagrams’?

Nice venue, this ‘incubator space’ called Runway East. I had not expected it to be as ‘grand’. The first person I spoke with was Gabriel Hughes whose company is called Metageni – Creating Data Stories. I clearly was in my element! … Continue reading

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#BigData #DataScience @Twitter and @BlackRock: how I can add value to #MachineVision and #FinTech

This Meetup @ Twitter in Piccadilly was a treat for me because of Miriam Redi‘s presentation on Machine Vision. She mentioned creativity also in association with MATHEMATICS! She works at Yahoo Labs and her site is VisionResearchWITCH.com She went WOW when I showed … Continue reading

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NUCLEAR Data Measurement and Evaluation – a Showcase Event @ the Institute of Physics

What a day to mark my birthday: remembering  my CERN past all the time as speakers presented their work. Everybody on Facebook sent me their birthday wishes. Mine would be definitely be to see my software lenses in operation! Nuclear data … Continue reading

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Google has the answer, as always! This time it’s its Trend feature. It tells us how, measured by the number of search terms used, interest in data visualisation has grown in the UK only relatively recently: Worldwide Just the UK

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DATA SCIENCE: another Meetup of intelligent and investigative minds

Meetup is a great platform for organising and attending meetings. I joined quite a lot of them and thoroughly enjoy most meetings. One of the best presentations I attended was the one by Teradata at this Data Science London event: … Continue reading

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