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SAMSUNG @ TechUK or the Value of the Internet of People, Things and Money

Between Earth and Heaven, Korea balances Water and Fire in this flag of a Yin / Yang ‘logo’… My phone and tablet were made by Samsung, but that was ‘by chance’ when I was looking forward to the opportunity of … Continue reading

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PATTERNS of Expertise for the Cloud @ IBM Innovation in Hursley

This is the event that I attended to ‘feel the pulse’ and check in on the ‘Zeitgeist‘ of the cloud and the latest thinking behind and / or beyond it. It’s really fascinating to see how ‘great minds think alike’. … Continue reading

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BIG DATA ANALYTICS 2013 – London – Russell Hotel – a Five Star Event!

I am really grateful for having been allowed in as ‘press’ because of my passion for blogging! At least some people notice that the gap between mainstream and online media is closing! This conference was one of the best I’ve … Continue reading

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I THINK, therefore I am – Grady Booch: Is the Mind Computable?

I THINK, therefore I am. This famous quotation by Rene Descartes is the title for the Prestige Lecture by the British Computer Society on 27th June. The speaker is Grady Booch, the Chief Scientist for Software Engineering at IBM Research. Is … Continue reading

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CELEBRATING 50 Years of Computing @ CERN

It was the ‘nostalgia’ of English operators that set in motion last year what resulted in three reunions on Friday and Saturday: a visit to building 513 which was built for the CDC 7600 in 1972 and now houses a … Continue reading

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MAKING Compelling Value Propositions by Knowing Your Customer(s)

This seminar was part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneurs Program: Caroline Egan from McDonald Butler Associates explained in ‘marketing language’ what compelling value propositions look, sound and feel like: know your customer – their pain points know your customer – their … Continue reading

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On Becoming an IBM Partner: Little Sister meets Big Brother

The cab driver to IBM Innovation in Hursley reminded me that ‘HAL‘ turns into ‘IBM’, when you keep shifting one letter for all three. I trust you remember Hal from 2001 – A Space Odyssey? I had studied on IBM … Continue reading

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