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ZOOMING into Numerical MetaData as the Key to New Visual and Metric Explorations

Prezis are the next generation ‘power point’, i.e. a way to zoom in visually rather than make points linearly with visual effects. Whether on video or with PowerPoint, with Word or with http://www.prezi.com – numerical metadata remains the key to … Continue reading

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EMPOWERING Women in Data with New Tools of Investigation and Evaluation

This was the talk I gave last Friday when Women in Data gathered for the second time. The first meetup had taken place at the Open Data Institute. Jacqui Taylor, who studied to become an aeronautical engineer (!) and whose company … Continue reading

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Google has the answer, as always! This time it’s its Trend feature. It tells us how, measured by the number of search terms used, interest in data visualisation has grown in the UK only relatively recently: Worldwide Just the UK

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Effective Software Development Management – a Lesson in Getting to the Gist and Essence of Thinking

In future, I shall report more often on the events I attend. After all, we’re starting a New Year… They are always highly informational with access to potential clients, investors and developers. Thus I can feel the pulse of our … Continue reading

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